Shotshell Roll Crimper

Shotshell Roll Crimper

I've tried a couple of different roll crimpers over the years, but never really found any of them to my liking, so I decided to design my own, taking inspiration from the solid state designs dating as far back as the 1800's, and combining them with modern materials and manufacturing processes.
Shotshell Hull Trimmer Kit

Shotshell Hull Trimmer Kit

Today I thought I’d write about my new shotshell hull trimmer.  This tool is available in several different configurations, both individually or as part of a kit. For the purposes of this article I’ll be referring to the kit version, which includes the trimmer, two blades, a 1 3/4″ guide, two half-inch guides and a […]
Brifit Digital Mini Scale Review

Brifit Digital Mini Scale Review

A three-minute video review of the Brifit Digital Mini Scale (modle number KA67/K1918B) for reloaders. TATV CanadaTactical Advantage TV is focused on delivering short, to-the-point content on a host of subjects related to firearms, casting, reloading, optics and accessories.  In addition to theoretical discussion, I will be performing a number of practical demonstrations on processes […]
New Reloading Room Tour

New Reloading Room Tour

A three-minute tour of my newly renovated reloading room. TATV CanadaTactical Advantage TV is focused on delivering short, to-the-point content on a host of subjects related to firearms, casting, reloading, optics and accessories.  In addition to theoretical discussion, I will be performing a number of practical demonstrations on processes and products, including my own designs.

12 Gauge Shotshell Resizing Die

12 Gauge Shotshell Resizing Die About a month ago I teased some of the new tools I started working on late last year, including a die and accessories for reloading 12 gauge shotshells on a conventional metallic cartridge press. In scenarios where you’re using your own powder measure, trickler, specialty components and roll crimper to […]

Prototype Shotshell Hull Trimmer

Prototype Shotshell Hull Trimmer I thought today I’d write a brief update on one of my 2019 projects, a handheld shotshell hull trimmer.  After testing many, many different iterations I’m happy to report that the final prototype has arrived from the factory, and it works great. Construction The trimmer itself is constructed from stainless steel, […]

ASM Premium Russian Slug Moulds

ASM Premium Russian Slug Moulds A couple years ago while perusing eBay, I happened across some slug moulds by Russian manufacturer Svarog and decided give them a try.  Since then, Russian slug moulds have become increasingly popular with western casters. Ever since, I’ve been actively searching for other interesting tools that may appeal to reloaders […]

TRN Shotshell Hull Vise

TRN Shotshell Hull Vise If you’re a serious shotshell reloader, chances are you’ve found yourself wishing for an extra pair of hands at one time or another.  Trimming, or roll crimping hulls can be a challenge, even more-so if you’re a perfectionist striving for truly professional looking shells.  For jobs like these, you’re going to […]
New Reloading Tools 2019 Sneak-Peek!

New Reloading Tools 2019 Sneak-Peek!

It’s been a while since my last post, and I’ve started receiving a lot of questions about the delays between them, so I thought I’d take a couple minutes and update folks on what I’ve been working on. Winter and early Spring can be pretty cold here, so I don’t generally do a lot of […]

Svarog Paradox Slug Mould

Svarog Paradox Slug Mould Late last year I wrote about the Russian ‘Zveroboy’ slug mould by Svarog.  As Winter tends to be my reloading season, I thought it might be interesting to review another one I’ve been working with a lot lately; the Paradox. Construction Like the other Svarog models I’ve seen, the Paradox is […]
Shot Column Cutter

Shot Column Cutter

I recently received my cutting die from TATV Canada, this is a quick look and function of the tool. So far it is working great. I had a minor alignment issue in the begining but it has worked it self out.

Eliminating the Mossberg Rattle

When it comes to quality-made shotguns at affordable prices, it's pretty hard to beat a Mossberg.  Models such as the 88, 500 and 590 have a large and dedicated fan base, and it's not difficult to imagine why.  But as respected as these scatter-guns are, they're not without their detractors.  Without a doubt, the number one gripe you'll hear about them is the much-maligned 'Mossberg Rattle.'

Home-Made Ballistic Gel Additives – Chapter 2

In my last article, we reviewed a simple experiment I performed to evaluate the usefulness of hydrogen peroxide and bleach as additives for clarifying and preserving ballistic gel.  While crude, this initial batch of testing quickly showed hydrogen peroxide works.  In this article I'll be discussing a much larger series of tests I performed to determine the best concentration for clarity, as well as other ways to extend the shelf-life of this gel.

Home-Made Ballistic Gel Additives – Chapter 1

Recently I published an article on making FBI-grade ballistic gelatin at home, to assist in ammunition testing and development.  Although the consistency of the finished product was excellent, I believe there's still room for improvement.  Beginning with the transparency, I'd like to see if I can increase this, particularly with large diameter blocks.  Likewise, as an organic compound, ballistic gel can spoil-- currently the shelf-life is about three weeks, but I'm confident that can be addressed as well.

Mossberg 500 3-Barrel Combo Shotgun

Recently I picked up a Mossberg 500 3-Barrel combo shotgun for use with my ammunition testing and development.  It's a very unique package that includes two smoothbore barrels, a rifled barrel, as well as a full set of chokes.  Designed as an all-in-one solution for hunters, this package includes just about everything you'll need for a variety of different game, from fowl to fauna, at an unbeatable price.

Building a Rocket Stove for Smelting Wheel-Weights and Casting Bullets

Recently the Full.Lead.Taco channel hosted a 'Tacopocalypse' challenge, wherein competitors were tasked with casting and reloading their own ammunition, using only a minimum of technology.  Although I wasn't able to participate myself, it did get me thinking about other ways to smelt wheel-weights and cast bullets besides using my electric burner. Ever since I read an article about Rocketstoves, I've been interested in building one, so this seemed like a pretty good excuse.

Home-Made Ballistic Gelatin

I've wanted to test a number of different ammunition types with ballistics gel to see how they performed, but the day that I pay between $150-$250 for Jello is the day I find another hobby.  With that in mind, I spent an afternoon experimenting and was finally able to come up with a gel recipe that works.

Svarog Zveroboy Russian Shotgun Slug Mould

Back in 2017 I was perusing eBay when I happened upon a new series of slug moulds made by a Russian company called Svarog.  Being a huge fan of shotgun slugs, I immediately ordered each of the three styles they had for sale, and I've been meaning to review them ever since.  As the outdoor shooting season can be pretty short here, it's taken me a while, but I've finally had an opportunity to test them out.  In this article we're going to take a look at the first of them, the Zveroboy 12 (model ZVR).

Reloading Birdshot Shells on a MEC 600 Jr

Birdshot may be among the cheapest shotgun ammunition, but it still adds up-- particularly if you use less popular gauges like 16G, 28G or 410.  Setting aside the obvious financial benefits, reloading your own shells also gives you the ability to produce a shell that's right for you; whether that's a low-recoil round to spare yourself an aching shoulder, or high-velocity ammunition for long distance shots.

Loading Shotshells by Weight

One of the oldest tricks in the shotshell reloader's book is 'Loading by weight.' Although somewhat contentious in modern literature, this reloading method remains a very popular way to design new loads where no other data exists.

Testing BPI Mica Wad Slick

A while back I was perusing Ballistic Products' website when I happened across a shotshell additive they produce called Mica Wad Slick. Wad Slick is marketed as reducing friction between the wad, hull, and bore-- making it easier to load tightly packed shells, and increasing shotshell velocity. Being as I develop and a load a ton of custom shotshells, I decided to add some to my order and give it a whirl.