408gr of 45-70 Gov’t

408gr of 45-70 Gov’t

The rifle has been rethroated for my Accurate 46-415S bullet. We took it to the range and shot the upper end for a possible hunting load… from what I saw before, while hopeful, I was dubious of whether or not I would actually find a HARD hitting hunting load… Well, 58.8gr of IMR-3031 was the […]

TC Encore Headspace How-To

One of the corrective actions you can take it to accurately measure and adjust your headspace to help in reliable ignition, accuracy and optimal brass life. Due to the break open design and the inherent flex in the action when fired with more flex in higher pressure rounds, you cannot merely take a rimless bottleneck cartridge or even rimmed bottleneck cartridge and measure it as you would a bolt action gun.
500 Yards 22 Magnum TC Contender

500 Yards 22 Magnum TC Contender

What happens when Wyoming has a long winter and Steve is locked up in his shop for way too long? He puts together an awesome gun, that’s what! This one is a TC Contender with an EA Brown barrel chambered in 22 Mag. This could be the perfect rifle for our 500 yard rimfire zombie. […]