.270 Win Hornady 100gr GMX Review

.270 Win Hornady 100gr GMX Review

So when reloading things were even more scarce than they are now a few months ago, I purchased. these 100gr Hornady GMX. I thought they’d a be a fun load for the channel. But with them being so accurate and decent penetration with a large energy dump, what should I hunt with them? Caribou? Moose? […]
Tikka optimized by German Gun Stock

Tikka optimized by German Gun Stock

In this video I show you my Tikka before and after the optimizing by German Gun Stock. I already used the Ranger stock by German Gun Stock which helps cutting down the overall weight oft my hunting rifle. But even with this the rifle is way too heavy and long so I have German Gun […]

Hornady Interlock Bullets For Hunting

In this video I will show you my handloads for hunting in 308 Winchester. For my handloads I use Hornady 150gr BTSP Interlock bullets and Vihtavouri N140. This handload shoot pretty good groups at 100m. My rifle is a Tikka T3 Varmint in 308 Win. WiederladerTvhttps://wiederlader.tv/
My New Long Range Record Shot! 2,000+ Yards! Tikka 7mm SAUM

My New Long Range Record Shot! 2,000+ Yards! Tikka 7mm SAUM

This is what the Tikka T3x 7mm SAUM was built for! Going further than every other tool in my safe. This trip was the entire drive behind the build and the choice of each component to carefully curate a 2,000 yard capable rig, the Vasara! (Means Hammer in Finnish where Tikka is manufactured) I have been chomping at the bit for more than a year to attempt this feat and bring you guys this video. I’m glad to share my results and bring you along the journey! Can’t wait for the next goal to crush!
My First NRL22 Match! Tikka T1x 22LR

My First NRL22 Match! Tikka T1x 22LR

Going through the course of fire and covering how I did across the stages. Lots of fun, this was only the third time ever using my 22 so I still have lots to learn about how wind effects it and drops at each range. This is also my first competition with positional style stages that […]
Tikka t1x

I Bought a Tikka T1x 22LR!

This is my first rimfire rifle and I’m extremely excited to have the latest offering from Tikka. This is the T1x and it has some really cool features. It does come with a premium level cost comparable to CZ 455 level of rifles. I bought this as a trainer for my big Tikka T3x and it does not disappoint. Tons of fun and I will definitely be getting into some 22LR ELR shots in future videos! I try a few brands of ammo and check group size as well as run some rounds at the dueling tree target with the wife!