Shotshell Roll Crimper

Shotshell Roll Crimper

I've tried a couple of different roll crimpers over the years, but never really found any of them to my liking, so I decided to design my own, taking inspiration from the solid state designs dating as far back as the 1800's, and combining them with modern materials and manufacturing processes.
Shotshell Hull Trimmer Kit

Shotshell Hull Trimmer Kit

Today I thought I’d write about my new shotshell hull trimmer.  This tool is available in several different configurations, both individually or as part of a kit. For the purposes of this article I’ll be referring to the kit version, which includes the trimmer, two blades, a 1 3/4″ guide, two half-inch guides and a […]

TRN Shotshell Hull Vise

TRN Shotshell Hull Vise If you’re a serious shotshell reloader, chances are you’ve found yourself wishing for an extra pair of hands at one time or another.  Trimming, or roll crimping hulls can be a challenge, even more-so if you’re a perfectionist striving for truly professional looking shells.  For jobs like these, you’re going to […]
New Reloading Tools 2019 Sneak-Peek!

New Reloading Tools 2019 Sneak-Peek!

It’s been a while since my last post, and I’ve started receiving a lot of questions about the delays between them, so I thought I’d take a couple minutes and update folks on what I’ve been working on. Winter and early Spring can be pretty cold here, so I don’t generally do a lot of […]