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Caliper Pegboard

Hang Your Calipers

Between bullet casting, reloading, 3D printing, and other various tasks and projects around the shop, I often find myself reaching for a set of calipers. I must admit that I do not always return them to their original cases. Quite often they get set down on the nearest horizontal surface, and the next time I […]

John’s Hand Loading Channel Update 2020

A quick “Thank You” to everyone for their support and kindness and an update. I will continue making videos, but have been very busy with personal things. I can’t wait to finish some of the videos I have planned. John's Hand LoadingJohn has been shooting since he was a kid and is now a middle […]
Coffee Beans Round Balls

Round Ball Molds and Coffee Beans

I’m very excited to announce that we now offer both round ball molds and freshly roasted coffee in the store here on The Reloaders Network. The molds for casting round balls are built and sold by Marty’s Arms. He makes these clamshell design molds by hand in his workshop in North East Minneapolis, Minnesota. The […]

RAD Development, load development app.

Hey Guys! Just released an app that might be helpful for you. 5 different load development charts plus 65+ different data points to track load progress with. (Link to app in Apple App Store: ) We are also releasing the Android version hopefully within a few weeks here, but here’s the rundown: Finally, offering […]
Shotgun Series Introduction PT 1, and Giveaway

Shotgun Series Introduction PT 1, and Giveaway

Welcome to the new series all about shotguns, chokes and shotshell testing, reloading, hunting and more. Over the next few years we will be testing out the Patternmaster chokes and others, a huge variety and ammo and several shotguns. On top of that, we will be taking you along with us on several hunts for […]
Great Items From The Reloaders Network Store

Great Items From The Reloaders Network Store

James and Nick Ross have some great creations and supplies plus the very fine Russian shotgun slug molds at The Reloaders Network Store… Note that with this device, we can put the handle anywhere on the turret where Lyman only gives us 2 positions. It’s worth dropping over there for a look… FortuneCookie45LCFortuneCookie45LC started posting […]

This is not PC by any means #PC1000

PC bullet empire is coming up on 1000 subscribers, let’s make it happen! ThecrazyScotsmanI am a collector of Smith & Wesson Revolvers, in particular the Model 29 .44 Magnum and the Model 19 .357 Magnum. There is nothing like blued steel and wood grips my friends. I am a member of the Smith & Wesson […]

Now Selling Roller Handles for the Lee APP

We are now offering roller handles for the Lee Automatic Processing Press, or APP! These ergonomic roller handles enable you to upgrade the stock grip on your Lee APP. There are two available handle styles: one with finger grooves, and one without the finger grooves. The handle with the finger grooves is a design by […]