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Will a 45-120 Benefit You?

Will a 45-120 Benefit You?

One question I get asked a lot is “Why the need for a 45-120?” There are many reasons for (and against) it, which I plan to cover in a future video. But, for now, I think a simple presentation is appropriate – just to uncover some facts not everyone seems aware of. The Way to […]
For Trapping What Do You Need To Buy?

For Trapping What Do You Need To Buy?

You need to invest a substantial amount of money to get into trapping, but a frequent question newcomers have is, “How much?” This video should help answer that. In it, the various items required and their costs are listed, plus a running total. Although first-time trappers are advised to start small and not buy everything […]

124 Peregrine Terminal Ballistics Test

124 Peregrine Ballistics Gel Test   The goal of this study will be to find and record: Consistency of diameter, length, weight, and Ogive of the projectile. Complete load, workup. At what point, the intended projectile will expand at its lowest velocity. Report wounding channel effects of the projectile at various speeds i.e. Neck, Temp […]
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How To Teach A Little Boy To Shoot

Teaching a young person to shoot is something everyone familiar with firearms gets involved in eventually and it’s a great experience if done right. But, if it’s the first time, how best to go about it? Your approach may determine whether or not shooting becomes a rewarding, safe activity for that small person. So we […]