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50 at 100: CZ455 Trainer and SK Long Range at 100 Yards

50 at 100: CZ455 Trainer and SK Long Range at 100 Yards

As the title states, 50 shots at a single aimpoint at 100 yards. Any rimfire rifle, or pistol, any caliber, any setup you like. Not everyone has access to a 200 yard range, but most have access to a 100. Let's see just how tight those clusters can be with ye'r favorite rig and the cartridge it "likes". No rush, take ye'r time, use windflags and/or one piece rests.
Wilson Shoals

Wilson Shoals

Here’s some highlights of a kind of quick throw together meet up. Thanks to ThecrazyScotsman, Insight Freedom, MCK, Georgiaboy44, Chicowize, Willie Bulletman, and especially Kyle Lusk, for so graciously opening his home to our guests. Thanks for watching, and may God bless abundantly! JH586My name is Jamie, and I’m Lisa’s husband, Jay and Amanda’s dad, […]
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Leaf Spring Targets: A Cheap Alternative to AR500

This video documents my testing of a leaf-spring target. This is just one data point, but so far it looks like leaf springs may actually compare favorably to AR500 for small, general-purpose steel targets. TheIdahoanShowIdaho was one of the last continental US states to be settled and, more so than some parts of the US, […]