Login Problems

There have been a few people that have experienced occasional problems the the website login process, and the following has solved the problems for most.

Have you lost or forgotten your password?  Reset your password here:  Lost Password

Some users are currently reporting issues with attempted password resets.  When a user clicks the “Lost Password” link and enters either their username or email and clicks “Get New Password” they receive an email with a link to reset their password. Once they enter their new password they may receive a message that states, “Your password reset link appears to be invalid. Please request a new link below.”.  This is a known, recent issue. Troubleshooting has started and is ongoing.  There is an alternate method of resetting your password found here:  Lost Password – Alternative Reset Option

Are you confident you know your password, but are still having trouble logging in?  Like many other web technologies, The Reloaders Network utilizes cookies for user authentication and session management. And just as cookies can be useful, they can also be an obstacle in some unique instances. Caching is another such mechanism; web browsers store web pages in their cached memory so that the pages would load quicker next time as they don’t have to be fetched from the server. Clearing cookies and cache of your web browser can not only improve performance but also fix the login redirect loop issue. Instructions on how to empty your cookies and cache in popular web browsers are given as follows:

Google Chrome

Upon opening Chrome, you will see a three-dotted button on the top-right corner of the screen. Clicking it will reveal a drop-down menu. Choose History from this menu, and go to Clear browsing data situated on the left of the screen. You should be able to see a dialog box. Here, select Cookies and other site and plugin data as well as Cached images and files. Choose the beginning of time option in the drop-down menu, and click the Clear browsing history button.


Mozilla Firefox

In Firefox you can clear cookies by clicking on the button with the three bars on the top-right of the screen. From the menu, select History. Next, choose the Clear Recent History option. Now set Everything as date range, check Cookies and Cache and click on Clear Now.



Click the Safari button on the top-left corner of the screen, located right next to the Apple logo. From here, select Preferences. Next, choose the Privacy option, which will take you to the privacy settings screen. Click the Manage Website Data… button. Now find The Reloaders Network in the list and click on Remove. Alternatively, you can hit Remove All button to clear all data.


Microsoft Edge

Open Edge and click the horizontal three-dotted button on the top-right. Choose Settings from the drop-down menu. You then will be taken to the settings page where you need to find the Clear browsing data section. Once you’ve located this area, click on Choose what to clear. From the subsequent menu, check Cookies and saved website data and Cached data and files. Then click Clear. You should see the All clear! message, confirming that your cookies and cache data has been erased.


A more detailed tutorial showing how to clear cache on these and other browser can be found here.


If those solutions do not work then contact the site administrators: