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R.I.A. 22 Magnum Revolver Range Report – NOT GOOD!

Rock Island Armory AL22MB .22 WMR revolver problems. From keyholing to binding internals, this revolver has it all! Buffalo's OutdoorsIf you enjoy shooting firearms, this is the author for you! Especially if you like recreational shooting and reviews from a little different perspective. Buffalo loved watching YouTube videos about firearms he was interested in, but […]
CLR Treatment For Our Carbonated Barrels

CLR Treatment For Our Carbonated Barrels

Many of our rifle barrels have significant and stubborn carbon fouling present that does not readily come out in regular cleanings. Borescopes can tell the story. Enter CLR, a common household product used to remove calcium and lime deposits from heavy water buildup. Noted LR shooter, Eric Cortina, swears by it for carbon removal instead […]
How to run a lever action

How to run a lever action

How I run my lever actions Leverguns 50Most of our videos are about lever action rifles and other cowboy guns, including carbine and shotguns, sixguns, black powder, hunting, outdoors, and primitive skills.

Testing a 3D Printed Pistol Brace

This video is basically a repeat of my earlier test on practical accuracy of a braced pistol, but now with a more sophisticated 3D printed brace. TheIdahoanShowIdaho was one of the last continental US states to be settled and, more so than some parts of the US, the culture of Idaho still retains a frontier […]