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PowderCoat Chit Chat

PowderCoat Chit Chat

Fresh VS Aged cast bullets. Does powder Coat stick better on one or the other? elvis ammoGuns and gear.  Ammunition, cast lead bullets, powder coating bullets, reloading, reloading equipment, Science and reviews!

Projectile Expansion Reloadingallday

Hey guys, If you kept up with our page we have been testing a magnitude of different projectiles and their expansion. At what velocity does it perform as advertised, at what muzzle velocity, what you can expect to find performance-wise on hunting game, internal cavity creation, load workup, and a whole lot more. Moreover, what […]
RAD Podcast- Ep.004- Discreet Ballistics and Pew Science

RAD Podcast- Ep.004- Discreet Ballistics and Pew Science

RAD Podcast-Ep.004-Discreet Ballistics and Pew Science. ReloadingalldayBlake has been writing reloading articles for three years and helping out within the community to further enhance reloading education. In his free time, he works within the community to help out new hand-loaders by educating them on the many variables that come with this wonderful hobby. His passion […]

Using the Lee Value Turret Press

In this video I show how I use the Lee Value Turret Press to make .45 Auto cartridges. I show how to remove and install a turret and how to lube the ball bearing and turret with oil. The Lee Value Turret Press is a less expensive 4 hole turret press that is generally used […]