Denim Bullet Trap Test 2

Denim Bullet Trap Test 2

Denim bullet trap test 2. Shooting two different, cast, lead, powder coated, hollow point bullets, into the trap, with good results. 45 auto hand loads shot from a 5 inch government model 1911. Bullet weights around 205-210 grains. Velocity around 800 fps.

Denim Bullet Trap Test 1

The first test of my new “Denim bullet trap” with cast lead, 230 grain round nose bullets. I manage to catch one bullet, though the others pass through. The idea is sound I just need to execute it better next time. Very interesting to see the 45 auto bullets pass through multiple layers of folded […]
How To Butcher A Moose Front Leg

How To Butcher A Moose Front Leg

Most tutorials on butchering focus on processing the hind quarters, but the front leg is actually the more difficult one to do because of its convoluted muscle structure. This video will help redress that imbalance, using the front leg of a moose for its example. Quite lengthy, this video shows the entire process in great […]

Jug Test One

My first jug test shooting 45 auto, 230 grain, round nose, cast lead, powder coated bullets, from a 5 inch barrel 1911. Average velocity for these loads is 762 fps over the chronograph but most are around 775 fps.