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3D Printed Primer Inversion Tray

I recently got myself a 3D printer, and one of my early projects to test it out was printing a primer inversion tray–maybe not the most glamorous project in the world, but certainly a useful accessory for reloading. Here is a video overview of the project

You should probably check out TorkMags.

I've finally bought a product that I have been watching for at least a year. The Tork Mag is a durable plastic mag with two springs in it that lets you put more rounds in a smaller package. They come in 50, 40, and 35 round capacities. This is a well made mag that is probably more reliable than a normal 30 round, not some gimmicky range toy. These are really well made mags that are theoretically immune to binding, and the pricing is remarkably reasonable.

124 Peregrine Terminal Ballistics Test

124 Peregrine Ballistics Gel Test   The goal of this study will be to find and record: Consistency of diameter, length, weight, and Ogive of the projectile. Complete load, workup. At what point, the intended projectile will expand at its lowest velocity. Report wounding channel effects of the projectile at various speeds i.e. Neck, Temp […]

Projectile Expansion Reloadingallday

Hey guys, If you kept up with our page we have been testing a magnitude of different projectiles and their expansion. At what velocity does it perform as advertised, at what muzzle velocity, what you can expect to find performance-wise on hunting game, internal cavity creation, load workup, and a whole lot more. Moreover, what […]

Vudoo MTU Apparition in MPA Chassis

So a friend of mine today called and said hey meet me at the range I have something special to show you. Low and Behold he shows up with a beautiful Vudoo MTU Apparition in a Master Piece Arms Matrix Chassis, topped with NICE Leupold Scope and of course I show up without my camera […]
Caliper Pegboard

Hang Your Calipers

Between bullet casting, reloading, 3D printing, and other various tasks and projects around the shop, I often find myself reaching for a set of calipers. I must admit that I do not always return them to their original cases. Quite often they get set down on the nearest horizontal surface, and the next time I […]
Coffee Beans Round Balls

Round Ball Molds and Coffee Beans

I’m very excited to announce that we now offer both round ball molds and freshly roasted coffee in the store here on The Reloaders Network. The molds for casting round balls are built and sold by Marty’s Arms. He makes these clamshell design molds by hand in his workshop in North East Minneapolis, Minnesota. The […]


When Christensen Arms announced their new ultra light rimfire rifle, I immediately thought that something this light that you can pack all day in the field would be a serious critter getter. Christensen Arms has been in business for over 25 years and are well known for their quality and light hunting rifles. Using carbon […]