Browning Joins the Party! 350 Legend Loads for Hunting & Plinking – Ballistic Gel at 100 & 200 Yards

Browning Joins the Party! 350 Legend Loads for Hunting & Plinking – Ballistic Gel at 100 & 200 Yards

Two new offerings from Browning 350 Legend round out my ballistics gel tests. In addition to a Mach 2 124-grain FMJ plinker, Browning has put together a ballistic-tip 155-grain hunting load that should prove devastating at close distances. The Social RegressiveThe Social Regressive is a collection of outdoor adventures, gun tests, and gear reviews by […]

Ballistic Corn Starch

The Idahoan demonstrates how to make a substitute for ballistic gelatin out of corn starch. This alternative is not as elastic or as transparent as true ballistic gel, but it does provide similar results in terms of bullet penetration and terminal performance.

Home-Made Ballistic Gel Additives – Chapter 2

In my last article, we reviewed a simple experiment I performed to evaluate the usefulness of hydrogen peroxide and bleach as additives for clarifying and preserving ballistic gel.  While crude, this initial batch of testing quickly showed hydrogen peroxide works.  In this article I'll be discussing a much larger series of tests I performed to determine the best concentration for clarity, as well as other ways to extend the shelf-life of this gel.

Home-Made Ballistic Gel Additives – Chapter 1

Recently I published an article on making FBI-grade ballistic gelatin at home, to assist in ammunition testing and development.  Although the consistency of the finished product was excellent, I believe there's still room for improvement.  Beginning with the transparency, I'd like to see if I can increase this, particularly with large diameter blocks.  Likewise, as an organic compound, ballistic gel can spoil-- currently the shelf-life is about three weeks, but I'm confident that can be addressed as well.

Home-Made Ballistic Gelatin

I've wanted to test a number of different ammunition types with ballistics gel to see how they performed, but the day that I pay between $150-$250 for Jello is the day I find another hobby.  With that in mind, I spent an afternoon experimenting and was finally able to come up with a gel recipe that works.