Cimarron Twins: 44Magnum and 10MM

Cimarron Twins: 44Magnum and 10MM

Cimarron Firearms, known for their authentic Old Western Firearm Replicas, has decided to combine a classic design with modern features for a rather unique single action, suitable for every single action collection. The first released was the Biggest Badboy of them all, the 44Magnum. Then I noticed Cimarron had recently made a new announcement, the […]
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Barnes 127 LRX Gel Block Test

Welcome back to the ballistic gel tests series as I dive into the Barnes 127 LRX. I had been searching for multiple different types of bullets that I could use in .264 that was non-lead. Ultimately, so I could hunt in states that only allowed specific types of ammunition. With so many choices, I decided […]