9mm 90gr XTP 7 Barrel Length test

9mm 90gr XTP 7 Barrel Length test

Today on Alaskan Ballistics we’re shooting the 90gr XTP from Hornady in 9mm Luger with 7 different firearms to test velocity and three firearms to test penetration. You Might Be Surprised. Alaskan BallisticsI’m just a regular guy who likes guns, hunting, and ballistics.

9mm Cast Bullet Range Testing with Alliant e3

I recently cast bullets for 9mm with the NOE HTC358-133-RN mold, powder coated them with Eastwood Lime Green, and sized them to .358". I am now working up a load with Alliant e3 powder, which is a challenge since there is no published load data for this or a similar bullet. I am shooting these from my Beretta 92S.

Beretta Bobcat ~ This kitten does tricks

I finally got a Beretta model 21A – .22lr It’s a beautifully made piece with some unique features. I’d been wanting one of these for a long time and finally “pulled the trigger”. Buffalo's OutdoorsIf you enjoy shooting firearms, this is the author for you! Especially if you like recreational shooting and reviews from a […]
Gathering data on velocity using True Blue powder

Gathering data on velocity using True Blue powder

I was finally able to get to the range and gather some velocity data using Ramshot True Blue by Western Powders. The two bullets used were the Lee 356-124-2R and the NOE HTC-358-133-RN. The lighter Lee bullets seemed to prefer a lighter charge while the heavier bullet from NOE preferred a higher charge. This goes […]