A Bullet Casting Journey

I spent the better part of several months conducting a series of experiments aimed at improving the quality of my home-cast lead bullets and identifying which parameters of bullet casting actually have the greatest impact on bullet performance. I wrote up the results of my experimentation in the following document: A Bullet Casting Journey .pdf […]
LEE BHN testing gets UPGRADED

LEE BHN testing gets UPGRADED

A NEW PRODUCT available in the store. This will revolutionize the way you handle the 20X power measuring scope…save time and frustration making delicate dimple measurements. My hat is off to James…’Loads Of Bacon‘ for his design, engineering and printing of this amazing ‘Measuring Scope Stand’. Thanks for watching, be kind to your neighbors […]
2 Pots & 3 Moulds

2 Pots & 3 Moulds

In this casting video I wanted to throw in something I’ve never attempted before. Trying to handle 3 single cavity moulds in one casting session and 2 of them Hollow Point moulds, but there’s a caveat to that…two different blends of lead in the pots, one an 11BHN general purpose pistol fodder lead, and the […]