3D Bullet Feeder Mods with parts

3D Bullet Feeder Mods with parts

Awhile back I made a video on bullet feeder mods for the AmmoMike machine. And thank you AmmoMike for your time on this. So some of my viewers wanted the STL files to try on their machines. So I’ll give a link to Thingiverse, good luck with it I hope it helps out. Backyard Inventor

Assembling the Ammomike83 3D Printed Bullet Feeder

This is the AmmoMike83 feeder combined with a few upgrades done by Backyard Inventor. I wanted to make this video in case anyone had any questions about the parts and how they work with each other. I cannot sell these or post a link here to the STL files, but I will answer any questions […]

A build for a friend

This project has been going on for a while; I’m building it for my buddy Thor’s Axe.  Sometimes in life you get a bonus for being a good person.  I’m doing some modifications to this for reliable nose down dropping, so when he gets it it’ll be ready to mount to the bench and on the Star Sizer.
Star sizer automatic bullet feeder

Star sizer automatic bullet feeder

Those that know me know that I like to make things.  Sometimes they are hard and take some time to develop, and this is one of them.  This was my very first video!  At the time I was getting sick and knew if I waited one more day I wouldn’t be able to do it.  I was right; I was down for a month-and-a-half.  It took many days and hours, but glad I did it.