35 Rem Load X SW Buffalo Rifle

35 Rem Load X SW Buffalo Rifle

In this video I take a look at the results of our tenth test load in 35 Remington. I made this especially for Lever Action Gypsy, who has sent me some 35 caliber bullets we’ll be loading and testing later. This is a very economical load using Shooters World Buffalo Rifle and our Lee C358-200-RF […]

35 Remington Load 9

Load 9 features Hodgdon Hornady LeveRevelution. This powder produces excellent factory rounds, but how will it perform with our cast bullets? Watch to find out. Thanks for your time watching this video. I pray God blesses you all real good.

35 Remington Load 7

In this video, we load, test, and look at the results of 35 Remington loaded with IMR-3031. We test 5, 5 shot groups ranging in half grain increments from 34.5 to 36.5 grains. I was expecting better groups from this powder, but some days after a range trip, you just don’t feel like you shot […]

35 Remington Load 6

In this video we load and test load 6 of our .35 Remington Load Series. The powder for this test is IMR 4895. Thanks to Kyle Lusk for the powder used in this episode! I think this is the best load so far. Please pray for Ed USAF’s family at his passing, and for Willie Bulletman for his recovery after his surgery. We all have so much to be thankful for. Thanks for watching and may God Bless you all.

35 Remington Load 5

In this video we load, test and discuss the results of 35 Remington loaded with H4198. I hope you enjoy it, maybe even learn something, and thanks for watching. God bless you all.
35 Remington Series

35 Remington Load 4

In this installment of the 35 Remington Series, we discuss our load, shoot and test 25 rounds loaded with Western Powders Tac. The loads start at 37 grains and go up to 39 grains in half grain increments. I hope you enjoy it, and hopefully we can learn something.

35 Rem Load 3

In this video we cover the third load in our 35 Remington Load Series. This covers the loading, shooting, and the results.
35 Remington Series

35 Remington Load 2

Hey Guys, Here is the second load in our 35 Remington Load Series. Kyle Lusk shows up again. I think he’s getting tired of leading me around and keeping me out of trouble. I sure do appreciate him being there, though. This video is a little different, in that it covers the load details, the […]
Molds and Press

Range Test, 35 Rem Load 1

Hey Guys, I am continuing work on getting all my videos uploaded to The Reloaders Network. This one, I think, is my most viewed and most commented on video so far. Our Range Test, 35 Rem Load 1 video covers testing of not only my first 35 Remington loads, but also Kyle Lusk’s first 44 […]
35 Rem Load 1

35 Rem Load 1

Hello everyone, I’m in the process of loading all my YouTube videos here to our website, and to BitChute.com. We had a YouTube live stream last night, and I had trouble getting on live. I’m not sure if I was doing something wrong, but I suspect it was the powers-that-be at the other, big site. […]
The Enduring/Vanishing .35 Remington

The Enduring/Vanishing .35 Remington

...The history of the cartridge is both proud and tarnished!...John Moses Browning...Bonnie and Clyde...The Amityville Horror...You all can see the cartridge is not without its controversies. Then again, cartridges can do nothing without the firearm. The firearm can do nothing without a shooter. All this is to invite everyone to join me on my journey to discover the ballistic mysteries within the .35 Remington cartridge as shot from a 1980 produced Marlin model 336 equipped with a 20 inch, micro-grove barrel.