Frankford Arsenal IntelliDropper — Quick Overview

Frankford Arsenal IntelliDropper — Quick Overview

I decided to go ahead and do a quick overview of the new Frankford Arsenal IntelliDropper. I only published this because a few friends asked me for the video. I did not do a complete review demonstrating every single feature, I am exchanging emails with Frankford Arsenal asking if the drifting that I am seeing […]
Version 2

POWDER THROWS ~ Let’s talk some…

How many hundreds or thousands of times have we looked into the powder filled case prior to setting and seating the projectile and had that uneasy feeling that…’that powder level doesn’t look right’? How many times have you listened to that uneasy feeling and stopped and weighed every charge that made us question the powder […]
Molds and Press

This One’s For Willie

This video is for Willie Bulletman. We're loading up some .357 Magnum rounds on the Lee Classic 4 Hole Turret Press. Seems like Willie challenges everyone to do this, so here is my entry. Hope you like it, Willie.