Chicowize shoots his Chrono??‍♂️

(The original video was posted on YouTube on Aug 8, 2018)

That sucks!!!

Here’s what happened… I was shooting different loads of CFE-P with a 124gn projectile from 2 different Firearms. Glock 19 & CZ P-07 cambered in 9mm. I started getting data from my Chrono, I shot at least 30 rounds of my reloads most of them landing where I was pointing the muzzle & for the safety of my new Chrono I was also aiming higher (above chrono body/brain). I decided I’d like to see what a new box of factory American Eagle 124gn RN (Red Box) ammo would register compared to their published data & vs my reloads. Loaded 5 rounds, I believe it was the very 1st shot that killed my newly purchased piece of equipment (bullet impacted 6-8 inches below POA) Thinking back I believe I should have had the Chrono closer not the recommended distance of 10-15yds. Lesson learned. Thanks for joining me during my journey. Chico


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