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3D Printed Primer Inversion Tray

I recently got myself a 3D printer, and one of my early projects to test it out was printing a primer inversion tray–maybe not the most glamorous project in the world, but certainly a useful accessory for reloading. Here is a video overview of the project TheIdahoanShowIdaho was one of the last continental US states […]
3D Bullet Feeder Mods with parts

3D Bullet Feeder Mods with parts

Awhile back I made a video on bullet feeder mods for the AmmoMike machine. And thank you AmmoMike for your time on this. So some of my viewers wanted the STL files to try on their machines. So I’ll give a link to Thingiverse, good luck with it I hope it helps out. Backyard Inventor

3D Printed Prototypes of Casting & Reloading Tools

Thanks to advances in computer-assisted design software, as well as modern manufacturing technology, it's now easier than ever to design and build high quality tools.  While it's true that this has made things simpler and more accessible, the fact remains that prototyping costs continue to be a major concern for individuals and startups alike, often rendering a project prohibitively expensive to produce. Fortunately, another recent technological development is helping to address this problem; 3D printing. 

A build for a friend

This project has been going on for a while; I’m building it for my buddy Thor’s Axe.  Sometimes in life you get a bonus for being a good person.  I’m doing some modifications to this for reliable nose down dropping, so when he gets it it’ll be ready to mount to the bench and on the Star Sizer.