243 Winchester. Full Prep. Get Well. CW!!!

243 Winchester. Full Prep. Get Well. CW!!!

Doing some brass prep today. Sending prayers to CW. Get well buddy. Here’s something to help pass the time. 243 OutdoorsMy name is Josh and I love Firearms and Freedom.  I started 243 Outdoors as a YouTube Channel back in 2015 and have branched out to other media sites.

World’s Cheapest Trimmer Review

There is a story I heard told over and over through the years in the car repair business; a customer walks into a garage for a repair and the conversation goes something like this Customer: I want it done cheap, I want it done right, I want it done fast. Mechanic: You’ll have to pick […]

Another Harbor Freight Tumbler Success

A few days ago I posted a couple pictures on Discord of the 4″ PVC extended drum wet tumbler I was putting together following Tree Top Flier’s recent updated video. One of the details he pointed out was the interrupters The Range SquirrelI owned a Marlin 60 since 1987, but never really got ‘into’ guns […]
Redneck Brass Prep Center 3.0

Redneck Brass Prep Center 3.0

I bring my DIY brass prep center to it’s conclusion. Could or should I have just bought a commercial solution like the Frankford Arsenal? Maybe, but I already had a World Finest Trimmer before the Frankford Arsenal unit with the universal trimmer came to market. The Range SquirrelI owned a Marlin 60 since 1987, but […]

Redneck Brass Prep Center 2.0

Just over a year ago I posted my meager attempt at an all-in-one brass prep center based off of a Little Crow Gun Works World’s Finest Trimmer.  Although a qualified (It worked) success, it lacked much elegance and left brass all over my bench. A catch tray and later a strategically placed vacuum cleaner hose […]

World’s Finest Trimmer by Little Crow Gunworks

I made a couple futile attempts to video the setup and use of the World's Finest Trimmer. After several hamfisted attempts at demonstrating the setup it was decided this post would be pictures and text instead. Since I started reloading .223 I have been using the Lee Case Length Gauge/Holder , Lee Case Conditioning Kit.