My New PID

My New PID

A quick video to show you my PID design. It is based off the PID created by Johnny's Reloading Bench and Loads of Bacon's modifications. I threw in a few of my own.

Building the PID Temperature Controller from Johnny’s Reloading Bench and Installing the PID Thermocouple in my Lee Pro 4-20

Following are two videos that I have recorded and previously posted on YouTube concerning the PID Temperature Controller I use with my Lee 4-20 casting pot.  I based my PID design on the excellent instructions provided by Johnny's Reloading Bench.  Since he did such a great job instructing, these videos are geared more at demonstrating my assembly process.  I have been using this setup now for the last year and have not had one complaint about it.  It has worked flawlessly for me so far.