Garmin Xero C1 and Pistol at 10 yards

Garmin Xero C1 and Pistol at 10 yards

Trying out the Garmin Xero C1 with a couple different pistols. I am testing the range and sensitivity for use with a pistol. KFWI enjoy all things outdoors and gun related. I am a life long hunter and staunch supporter of self defense and the right to keep and bear arms. I am a Concealed […]

Testing a 3D Printed Pistol Brace

This video is basically a repeat of my earlier test on practical accuracy of a braced pistol, but now with a more sophisticated 3D printed brace. TheIdahoanShowIdaho was one of the last continental US states to be settled and, more so than some parts of the US, the culture of Idaho still retains a frontier […]

Walther P22Q Target Pistol

Walther P22Q Target Pistol In this article I’m going to do another pistol review as we take a look at Walther Arms’ P22Q Target.  This is another nifty piece by Walther, this time with a design similar to their famous P99. Contents Once again we have a fairly basic plastic case with foam interior.  The […]

Walther’s 22LR Colt 1911 Government A1 Pistol

Walther’s 22LR Colt 1911 Government A1 Pistol With the steady rise in ammo prices, more and more manufacturers are beginning to offer classic firearms in .22LR caliber alternatives.  Walther Arms is at the forefront of that 22-conversion movement.  In this article we’ll be taking a look at their licensed .22LR replica of the venerable Colt […]

Anatomy of a Pistol Bullet (Cartridge)

Anatomy of a Pistol Bullet (Cartridge) One of the things that’s always surprised me as a shooting sports enthusiast, is just how many knowledgeable and experienced gun-owners don’t seem to know how a standard cartridge actually works.  In this article, we’ll take a brief look at the various components that make up a modern metallic […]