SUDAMI X-RING │ Reloading Press

SUDAMI X-RING │ Reloading Press

In this video I would like to demonstrate the SUDAMI X-RING reloading press from South Africa. SUDAMI offers and builds reloading products of high quality. The SUDAMI X-RING reloading press is built like a tank and with this reloading press you can reload very accurate rounds easily. WiederladerTv

T-Track system for the reloading workbench

If your space is limited and you would like to use more reloading tools than the T-Track system gives you the flexibility to do so. You can swap out different tools and put them in a position you need them without permanent changes at your workbench. In my latest video I show you the T-Track […]

Reloading Ammunition with a Lee 4-Hole Classic Turret Press

Reloading Ammunition with a Lee 4-Hole Classic Turret Press For my money, turret presses represent the best overall value both for new reloaders, as well as anyone with limited space.  They’re easy to set up and use, can reload both pistol and rifle ammunition, have a decent rate of production, and they’re highly customizable, with […]

Reloading Slugs on the MEC 600 Slugger

Reloading Slugs on the MEC 600 Slugger Traditionally-speaking, shotshell reloading presses have been designed and built primarily to meet the needs of clay-shooters and wildfowl hunters, and that’s certainly reflected in the marketplace today.  While virtually every major reloading manufacturer offers one or more shotshell presses, MEC is the first to produce one specifically for […]

Types of Reloading Presses

Types of Reloading Presses With so many different brands and types of presses available to the modern reloader, figuring out which one is right for you can be a daunting task.  In this article we’ll be taking a look at the three main types of presses and the pro’s and con’s of each, including features, […]