HP TT T4 Addendum 1

After this last test I needed another 50 fps, I reached out for help & Eli aka ‘Mr.Revolverguy‘ & Julio aka ‘ocean374‘ came to my rescue with their ‘QuickLOAD’ programs. We discovered that the Power Pistol is more than adequate to do the job and then some, leaving me room on the top end for […]

Dipping My Toes In Satterlee

This post doesn’t have a conclusion, at least not yet. I just want to share some experimenting with Satterlee load development. With that out of the way, my current recipe for 223 is a 62gr load I put together a couple years ago when I was starting out using the tried and true ladder load […]
Loading 357 Magnum “Rossi Fuel” with Tite Group

Loading 357 Magnum “Rossi Fuel” with Tite Group

Trying some unconventional/non popular methods/powder selection here, as I couldn’t find any video of someone using Tite Group in 357 Magnum. ChicowizeI’m a Rookie Reloader. I started in July 2018 with my first press being a Dillon XL650 and recently I’ve joined the community of casting my own projectiles and loving it as much as reloading. […]