Ransom Steady Rest

Ransom Steady Rest

Testing the Multicaliber highly portable ransom rest. There are now options that can be had with this rest. You can add feet and there is potentially a padded vblock coming as well. mr.revolverguywww.dayattherange.com
Ransom Rest Shooting Machine

Ransom Rest Shooting Machine

To make my ammo accuracy test more solid and with less errors I spend the money for the Ransom Rest Master shooting machine. I bought it from Brownells Germany. This very fine company offers great service and I would like to thank them for the support. Here you can see a short video about the […]

S&W Victory – Factory vs Volquartsen Barrel

Smith and Wesson Victory Accuracy Test Being an early adopter can be costly. This S&W Victory is one of the first off of the assembly line with a serial number under 1K. Had I known S&W would be coming out with threaded barrel shortly after release, I probably would have waited. Instead I purchased a […]