Collectors Corner: S&W SD-9 Performance Center

Limited Production Run
Total production number 174 total units chambered in 9mm. This pistol was also offered in .40 S&W (at least 200 examples) and .356TS&W (119 units) and these pistols were said to have been a “bone thrown” to any outfit in the stocking dealer program as a special to the smaller dealers that couldn’t or wouldn’t ever get the runs of special Performance Center guns that the big distributors were getting.

The big dealers like Lew Horton, Camfour, Ellett Brothers, Bangers, etc.

That SD-9 happily uses 6906 magazines for a proper fit but can also use 5906 magazines that hang a bit below the frame.

Thank you to the S&W Forum for providing data about this S&W SD-9 Performance Center — Limited Run.

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