Range day with the TC Encore

I took the new 357 Remington Maximum Encore to range today with mixed results.
I shot H110 powder under..
180 XTPs at 2.060″ reached 2128 fps
180 HCFPs at 2.245″ reached 2103 fps
200 FTXs at 2.35″ reached 2056 fps

The charge weight for the XTPs was 22-23gr, for the HCFPs it was 23-24 gr, and for the FTXs only shot 23gr.

My load estimates from QuickLOAD indicated approximately 25 fps slow as compared to my Magnetospeed Sport.

The XTPs seemed a little flighty most of time and the HCFPs did settle at 23.5gr and might have something to work with there. I shot a 10 round string into approximately 1.25 MOA. The FTX however was a bit strange as I was choosing between two target squares but the shot went right about 4-5″. So when reengaging the target I shot the next target I was debating between thinking I shot at that one and went even further right… Hmmmmm… Ok ..

At this point I settled into shooting the second target and proceeded to shoot the next five into one hole, and then shanked one bad. My bad, it was 1″ high and a touch right. I then shot the original target and, voila, the darn thing poked a hole right next to the first hole…hmmm.. then cease fire was called. I went back to shooting and the first two were 1/2″ high, sharing a hole, and then had one more flier low (called low) and the rest went into that hole.

So, even after mushing the tip while loading I have definitely found my bullet..the 200gr FTX bullet over 23gr of H110 fired by a CCI 41 primer. This was good for 2056 fps average. And the recoil is only enough to disturb sight picture while benched out with a toe bag; otherwise, what recoil? I ordered the Hornady dies and seating stem for this bullet going forward.

  • • I know pictures, video…. Well the Mud at the range was epic and legion, then it got deep and sloppy! Next time.
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