The Gamespike Shotgun Slug Experiment

This video documents another experimental shotgun slug I came up with. I thought the flared base of the slug would provide stabilization, both from air drag and by acting as a flywheel when the round was fired through a rifled barrel or rifled choke tube, while the narrow core would provide low drag and good […]
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The key difference is philosophy of use, handloads are typically loaded to be better than factory loaded ammunition while reloads are typically the name given to cost saving loads. Also ammunition hand loaded from new components can’t be called reloads as they have never been loaded in the first place. I do my best to […]

Universal Bullet Mold for Experimentation

After a few tedious and only minimally successful attempts at making my own bullet molds for experimental bullet designs, I came up with a new mold design concept with interchangeable cavities. For casting large quantities of bullets, the mold is a bit tedious to use, but for experimenting with new bullet designs, where only a […]