SHOT Show 2020 – Day 4

Friday, the fourth and final day of SHOT Show.  Many of the attendees have already left town.  It’s a great opportunity to tie up any loose ends, say goodbye to a few people, and then head back home. I stopped by the Sierra booth to see what they had on display. For those unaware, Sierra […]

AKV review coming soon

I took the AKV that Santa brought me out for a spin today. The initial sighting in resulted in some keyholes, but I took off the brake and reinstalled it and no more issues.  I’m going to put a few thousand rounds through it over the next couple weeks and then do a review. Let me […]
Project: Shorty AR15

Project: Shorty AR15

My AR15 pistol is a Palmetto State Armory 10.5” upper, on a ATI lower, SBA3 pistol brace, Aim Surplus nib bcg, Tacfire ambi safety, Fieldsport red dot, Monstrum tactical riser, and some Amazon flip up back up sights.
Deflector Brake

Be Kind to Your AR-15 Brass – Testing the Deflector Brake

Testing out the Deflector Brake, which is a disposable, peel, stick and press accessory for AR-15s. It absorbs some of the energy of ejected casings and reduces the speed and distance the brass travels. It minimizes damage to the brass which increases the reliability and efficiency of reloading, and it deflects spent brass forward and away from the shooter making AR-15s safer for left-handed shooters.
My First 16” AR15 Build

My First 16” AR15 Build

My first AR15 build. I built it from a wrecked Bushmaster C-15 or Carbon 15. I reused the Bushmaster lower parts kit and barrel. I got an Anderson Manufacturing upper and lower. Then I added a Hera Arms free floating hand guard, put a PSA bcg in it, and then added a Magpul stock.