First Test Loads with the Rossi 92, 45 Colt

First Test Loads with the Rossi 92, 45 Colt

Trying some of my loads off the bench with the Rossi. Using the Lee 452-200RF with Unique. I also have a few Hornady 240g XTP Mags loaded up with Unique. All shots were at 25 yards. 243 OutdoorsMy name is Josh and I love Firearms and Freedom.  I started 243 Outdoors as a YouTube Channel […]
The Joy of Shooting

The Joy of Shooting

This is a short video celebrating the simple joys of shooting steel, consuming ammunition that’s inexpensive and enjoying the outdoors on public land. Shown in this video are a Winchester Model 94 (.30-30), a Rossi Ranch Hand (.44 Magnum) and a custom-made Ruger No. 1 (.45-120). All bullets used are cast. The Way to Native […]
45 Colt Ruger Vaquero vs 92 Rossi in 45 Colt

45 Colt Ruger Vaquero vs 92 Rossi in 45 Colt

Which 45 Colt will go further through the material? Which one will do the most damage using the Hornady 225 gr FTX, the 250 XTP, and the Frontier lead 45, all at 45 Colt pressure level? Leverguns 50Most of our videos are about lever action rifles and other cowboy guns, including carbine and shotguns, sixguns, […]

The Dirty Rossi R92 First Shots

During filming my phone ran out of storage space, so this is the little footage I did manage to get. Using 3 different brands of ammo 357 Mag Remington JSP worked well, Perfecta 38 SPL also worked well no problems. I purchased Fiocchi 158 gr 357 Mag from the range ($25.99/50rds ouch), problem after problem […]
Shooting the 225 grain Hornady FTX in the Rossi 92

Shooting the 225 grain Hornady FTX in the Rossi 92

A quick little video shooting the 225 grain Hornady FTX in the Rossi 92. I’m checking to make sure they function properly in the Rossi, and see and how well they expand in water jugs. It lost its jacket in the second jug and penetrated the total of 4 gallons.  I’ve also noticed the Alabama […]

45 Colt Carbine — Hog Hunter

After making the first video, 45 Colt Old But Still Useful with the 45 Colt Buffalo Bore 225gr Anti Personnel round, I received a couple of emails asking if the full wad cutter of the Buffalo Bore would feed in a carbine/lever action. I decided this would make for good content. If I could get […]

SHOT Show – Day 3

Day three of SHOT Show has now concluded.  Today was another full day of wandering around trying to take it all in.  I had already seen just about every booth, so today was more concentrated on going back to see certain items in depth. I started the day by meeting up with Curt and Lacey […]

The Pickering Chronicles #4 – A Place To Shoot

“Happiness is in nature, beauty, and tranquility.” ― Debasish Mridha SELECTING A RANGE FOR SHOOTING I’m picky and can get grouchy quickly. Public or even Club ranges scare the bejeezuz out of me and the noise can be painful. My last choice for a place to shoot would be an indoor range. My son took […]