SHOT Show 2020 – Day 4

Friday, the fourth and final day of SHOT Show.  Many of the attendees have already left town.  It’s a great opportunity to tie up any loose ends, say goodbye to a few people, and then head back home. I stopped by the Sierra booth to see what they had on display. For those unaware, Sierra […]
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SHOT Show 2020 – Day 1

Lots of people desire to go to SHOT Show because they want to see all of the great new products, but I have found that the best part of SHOT is the people that you meet, and that you reconnect with as well. That said, there are certainly plenty of products on display as well. Here are some of the highlights of my first day at SHOT Show 2020.

SHOT Show 2020

Next week I will be attending SHOT Show in Las Vegas, NV. For those unaware, SHOT stands for Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoors Trade, and it is a massive annual industry trade show. There are multiple acres of exhibit space, and thousands of exhibitors. I am attending to spread the word about our community here at […]

SHOT Show – Wrap Up

SHOT Show has concluded and now I am back home.  As I look back on last week I have several great memories.  This was my first time attending the show.  It was a lot of fun and there was a lot to see.  I walked many miles and yet there were still plenty of things […]
Boyd’s At-One Thumbhole Stock, New for 2019

Boyd’s At-One Thumbhole Stock, New for 2019

Welcome back everyone! Boyd’s reached out to me a few months back and asked if I’d be willing to do a build featuring the new At-One Thumbhole design. Turns out I had a customer’s rifle that could benefit from a nice new stock, so now we’re in business. Over the next month we’ll be working […]

SHOT Show – Day 3

Day three of SHOT Show has now concluded.  Today was another full day of wandering around trying to take it all in.  I had already seen just about every booth, so today was more concentrated on going back to see certain items in depth. I started the day by meeting up with Curt and Lacey […]

350 Legend and Reloading (SHOT Show)

This afternoon as I was wandering around SHOT Show I received a message from James Pollard on Slack stating, “Please see what you can find out about the new 350 Legend cartridge and if anyone is making it available for the AR platform.”  I had not yet heard of the 350 Legend, but I quickly […]

2019 Shot Show

Well, we had an amazing time at shot show this year. I got to meet Loads of Bacon, Kenny from Eagle Eye Shooting, Logan from West Desert Shooter, Gavin from the Ultimate Reloader along with many many others. We were able to put our hands on some great products some old and some new. We […]

SHOT Show – Day 2

My second day of SHOT Show is done.  It was another day full of walking and gawking, and there was still plenty to see.  I started the day by meeting up with Curt Vaughn and his wife Lacey of Vaughn Precision.  Today there was an area set up for exhibitors that hadn’t made it into […]

SHOT Show – Day 1

I got to go to SHOT Show this year for the first time.  For those unaware, SHOT stands for Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoors Trade, and it is a massive annual industry trade show.  There are 16 acres of exhibit space, and 2,500 exhibitors.  Monday was “Industry Day at the Range”, and I was not part […]