S&W Victory – Factory vs Volquartsen Barrel

Smith and Wesson Victory Accuracy Test Being an early adopter can be costly. This S&W Victory is one of the first off of the assembly line with a serial number under 1K. Had I known S&W would be coming out with threaded barrel shortly after release, I probably would have waited. Instead I purchased a […]
TKVQVictory-Tandemkross & S&W Victory 22

TKVQVictory-Tandemkross & S&W Victory 22

S&W Victory All Tricked Out In 2016 S&W announced the birth of the S&W Victory 22.  Since then it has grown in popularity, and now Smith and Wesson even has a performance center brand, though I decided to go a separate route and build mine to exactly what I wanted. A Volquartsen I-Fluted barrel, and […]