Roll’em Cheap, Stack’em Deep, Safely

My goal over the winter was to load a thousand rounds or so each of 223 and 9mm and maybe add 7.62×39 to my stable so that when the weather is hot I won’t be sitting in the garage dripping sweat. Life changes, December 17, 2018 I started a new job and hit the ground running.

After 34 years in the automotive repair field I did an about face and am now assembling aircraft components and really enjoying the change. Aside from some evenings of brass prep and recovering the top of my bench I haven’t done much in the way of reloading.

Getting back into the swing of things I had to recall the habits I had developed for a safe reloading practice; under/no charge prevention, verifying powder charges, verifying cartridge overall length. I had moved some things around taking care not to disturb my dies or powder measure, but to be safe we should always ‘trust but verify’.

So, to a seasoned reloader or someone that did in fact stash away mucho munitions over the winter, the following video is old news; but perhaps it may be a reminder for a newer reloader (like myself) to stay safe, or someone whose garage has been more like the frozen tundra, but now thawing a bit not to jump back in haphazardly.

Now hopefully I can get some ammo stashed away before hot weather sets in.

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